Prokofiev Piano Sonata No. 7 (II and III Movements)

As I am winding down after a full Thanksgiving of family and food (and NO Black Friday shopping I might add, sitting next to the fire listening to music like this is a MUCH more relaxing use of my time) I came across one of my favorite piano works.  Jump 5:42 to for some incredibly impressive piano playing, and some of the most exciting sounds of Prokofiev.

A little back story of the performer: When Alexi Sultanov was only 19, he won the prestigious Van Cliburn competition.. that’s what this video is from!  Sadly, his piano career was cut short when his left side was paralyzed by a stroke. This piano great died at only 35.

I hope you find him as incredible to watch as I do, and the music as interesting. Prokovief, the Russian composer, spent time in America and was a fan of American Jazz. Hear the influences of jazz in this piece?   It maybe explains why I am drawn to it so much.

Today on Thanksgiving, I am thankful for… inspirations like this.


~ by hannahkuelbs on November 25, 2011.

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