Thoughts of a Musical Insomniac

For months now, I’ve laid awake at night, unable to shut my mind off.  What am I thinking about?

Mostly music.

I think about bands, composers, history.  I sing in my head melodies, chord progressions, and rhythms.   I worry about upcoming performances and if I’ll ever be a “good enough” musician.  I wonder if people are influenced by the art of music as much as I am.  Honestly, I wonder what I’d do without music.  I thank a greater being that I will be able to wake up the next morning (provided I fall asleep in the first place) and use music as an unmatched source of comfort in a chaotic, scary world.

Now, instead of lying awake wondering, I’ll also be sharing.

I hope you enjoy my insomnia.


~ by hannahkuelbs on November 22, 2011.

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